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Down to Earth
If I was tall enough    To reach up to the gates of the afterlife
I'd hold them open with one hand    And touch your soul with the other.
And if I believed    In a heaven where angels get sent when they die
Your trail would lead straight there    With tracks none could cover.
But I feel weak, and I feel heavy, I feel like I'm tied down to Earth already
I am faithless, and I've found, it's hard to reach Heaven with your feet tied to the ground.
Maybe, I'm crazy
But I want to believe that your soul could be free
Maybe, you'll come back and save me
'Cause I try and I try but I can't learn to fly
And I know if you tried my feet would come
If I was strong enough    To stand with you in one place
I'd hold your body with mine    And touch my hand to your soul.
And if I was sure    That you would return someday
Then I wouldn't be so afraid of letti
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The Best I'll Ever Be
it's difficult fighting this strapped in roller coaster ride
trying to make the person in the mirror match the image inside
i'm so terrified of being forgotten i need to be held down
or maybe put down i get so scared the world's stopped turning around
it's true i'm a weakness personified i find all these faults
after a life time, it seems a lifetime, or what to do's and what you dont's
i'm breathing for air underwater learning how to swim
i never dove off of the sidelines i let the water slowly sink in
i hold my breath in high places and under the light of the moon
i want my eyes open all night but sleep always comes too soon
i don't want to miss a thing i shake i shake when i cry
the water's empty the moon's gone and life has passed me by
under the tired eye of daybreak we stop and we stall
i could be a freestyle poetress if i didn't stumble stumble when i talked
we dream of impossibilities like getting married in the desert
i lie on my back in the grass and find the morning dew so pl
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Half a Dozen.
Hey rolemodel and hey trailblazer
You've come so far and been so amazing
Anywhere I go I know you've been there first.
Hey dark horse you were the white sheep,
Never dove too fast when the water's deep
Anywhere I go I know your memory's immersed.
Hey high school king and hey promqueen
You know you light up the world and your the scene,
Anywhere I go I know you make the rules.
Hey not-quite-there and hey misfit,
You know it's easier if you're not always it,
Anywhere I know I know you'll make it in your time, too.
But oh, where did you go?
I was missing you, so I built you up more.
And, rolemodel, when you return
Will you be the same person
That I was looking for?
From farther away, your lovely face
Never falters wrong, or makes mistakes
But when there's absence, or distance
The heart screams out
But up close, up close,
I don't know what all the fuss is about.
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Black and White
Sometimes I dream my name, it burns in lights.
Because I am still young, my perspective isn't right.
Meanwhile I stomp these streets in my angel shoes;
They'll never guess it was me, I left all my blame to you.
If you drive me crazy, I will drive all day,
Get back to your side of the world, just too late to say:
I am losing my wings,
I am losing my wings.
This time I'll take all my own fall
For all of my failings.
I am losing my colour,
I am turning black and white.
Do you know, I think I'll glow if you
Turn out the lights.
We should try it, I think.
'Cause I'm losing my wings.
I'm spending more energy than I have a claim to have.
Begging to stop trembling when I'm shaking with my hands.
You made me miss you, I meant you no harm.
I'll fly back into tomorrow and reset my alarm.
If you drive me crazy, I will drive all day.
Get back to your side of the world, just too late to say:
I am losing my wings,
I am losing my wings.
This time I'll take all my own fall
For all of my failings.
I am
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Set Up Set Up
I can remember the very first time
You told me not every spoken word was truth.
I can remember, you held me
Not unkindly as all the walls fell through.
You were not gentle (not gentle)
You did not mention (you did not mention)
You played from cues
With no intentions.
I feel I have been led on,
I feel I have been set up.
I feel I have been led on,
I feel I have been set up, set up.
How did the army degenerate
Into a screen-written musical that people can swallow.
Down on your luck? Get on your hands and knees
And search the dust on the floor for talent tomorrow.
I don't believe (don't believe)
You cannot lead (you cannot lead)
Sure write what you want,
But we don't have to read.
I feel I have been led on,
I feel I have been set up.
I feel I have been led on,
I feel I have been set up, set up.
Workhorse, is this what you imagined?
Straight out of college and into the stars.
But instead, you're slowly dying,
Just trying to keep your words intact, unscarred.
Billboard, is this what you saw
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You can't put love back in its box
You can't return what you've now got
Take it or leave it.
Take it or leave it.
You can't keep love straight in its place
Sooner or later this train will derail
Take it or leave it.
Take it or leave it.
And I won't be discouraged
When all you show me is defeat
And all you have left are reasons
Why I won't stick around
When all I know is this one time
I'm taking and not leaving.
You're tight up tight, can't come undone
You left to late to turn and run
Take it or leave it.
Take it or leave it.
You can't keep this love set on silent
Sooner or later someone will find it.
Take it or leave it.
Take it or leave it.
And I won't be discouraged
When all you show me is defeat
And all you have left are reasons
Why I won't stick around
When all I know is this one time
I'm taking and not leaving.
I don't know why you can't relax
And get this train back on it's tracks
Take it or leave it,
Take it or leave...
Take it or leave it, take it or leave it
Sooner or later yo
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 0 0
Blue Devil, Awkward Romances
You wasted time, wasted years out of your life
Wasted highs, only say the darkness of the ride.
You wasted heat, sat on the cold side of the fire,
Waste-wasted need, getting things you only desired.
And while you're thinking on all that, think about...
Wasted, all the times you talked to me, wasted.
In between the make-believe and the (wasted)
Empty space of your nights along, I think I though you would have known,
Babe, not when you're wasted.
You wasted sleep, watching nightmares on your eyelids,
You wasted me, you lost your heart, I was trying to find it.
I wasted time picking you up when you'd trip and fall
I wasted time, I wasted space, I wasted me, wasted it all.
And while you're thinking on all that, think about...
Wasted, you can't even talk to me, wasted,
When you don't know if it's a dream (wasted)
Or maybe this charade is real, you can't tell me how you feel
Babe, not if you're
Wasted, I don't want to talk to you, wasted,
Babe, you can't see the truth (wasted)
When you're in
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 0 0
Without a Frown
I know I've got my own style, I don't know what it is.
They say I have a nice smile, I don't know where it's hid.
You know I'd walk all these miles if you'd only let me in,
I'm full of changes. I'm full of changes.
I want to show you a photograph of the years that pased
I want to show you a timeless laugh that will always last
You know you don't know the half of the things that you have
Sometimes life's amazing, Sometimes life is amazing.
I want to go to a continent that I don't know.
If you don't pack your common sense then we're ready to go.
If you won't learn to dance then at least enjoy the show,
Only you know what makes you, what makes you happy.
They say you light up a flame and the forest's burning down.
I want to dance in the rain that soaks this freezing town.
You know I'd love you the same if you smiled without a frown
Hiding underneath it, you know you'd still have me.
I know you have a nice smile, but I don't know where it's hid.
I know it takes you a while but you're going
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The Old Alison
Hey Alison, you've grown taller
Though I know things aren't always the way they seem.
Hey Alison, it's been a while since I've been here
Tell me what have I done with these years in between?
I didn't recognize you as you are now
The person I knew but older, wizer
With a few more holes of pride to show
Is the Old Alison still inside there?
Don't get lost. I know I know there's still a fight
But you have to keep fighting on.
Don't get lost. You have to show strength in the face of,
Strength in the face of the war.
When the battle's lost, don't lose yourself.
Hey Alison. I know I didn't call you
When I said I would, I know there's no excuse.
Hey Alison. I'd apologize for everything
If I ever thought it'd come to any use.
You even recognized a stranger
As we went the same way for a while
But paths cross and ties untie themselves
And I search for years that I cannot find.
Don't get lost. I know I know there's still a fight
But keep fighting at any cost.
Don't get lost. You have to show stre
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 0 1
Beautiful as a last resort
But bravery's no substitute for love.
One lie needs company and we all get hurt.
We play out scenes from movies
Dark-glassed reflections, rear-view mirrors.
We'll bounce around until our bubble is burst.
Bravery is fine
But where's your backup plan?
When the walls come down and the roof's on fire,
Where is bravery then?
We dance in the right circles
But bravery is no substiture for love.
We dance until we forget what standing still is.
I'm silently slipping out of focus,
My feet forget the motions to make
I'm reaching out but I can't seem to feel this.
Bravery is fine
But where is your backup plan?
When the rain come down and lightning targets,
Where is bravery then?
I'm sorry I'm slipping out of focus
I'm spiralling off but nobody's noticed
I breathe deep from the sea, dark wine goes to my head
One lie needs company and where's bravery then?
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 0 0
Tiles on your Forehead
celestial Bodies circling like vultures
grab a hold of the oceans and pull
and I'm pooled.
liquid like Mercury,
Under the solid light of Venus.
and then tubes,
these Intravenous Intermediates
and stealing the flow from the water.
Medusa's a gorgon, and the moon's powerless.
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 0 1
As A Dead Poet
Scream the loss out to the sunless sky
Grey stories told through the tears of a boy
All we were searching for
- All anyone ever searches for -
Was a grain of salt to take with our
Hardwood floors and softwood canes.
And there's the face of the boy who will die
(In that manner girls have
of calling men boys)
though they don't let it get too graphic.
My captain,
I follow you down
Now we've build this labour
This ark I hold firm
It will save us
From extinction
There is no such thing as a Dead Poet.
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 0 0
high-heels have their place, and it's not in the airport
slamming delicate holes through linoleum and fake wood
if you're not for sale, then why don't you take the tags
off the backs of your clothes, emblazoned names
strings attatched and threads unravelling slowly
as you dance the night to an apple martinin, tequila
ruby-red sunset seen through the eye of the wineglass
take comfort in the small details- you're collector's edition
one-of-a-type, run-of-the-mill diva dancer fashionista
and one day, you'll fall behind and get walked over
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 0 0
He sits prideful.
Smug smiles rising from his hood
of smoke,
withered and wracked.
He sighs a lungful of cancer
politely away from me. Each
watery blink
takes Achillo-Herculean effort.
His cloudy eyes follow the burnt tobacco-stained air as it extends it tendrils to the rest of the bar.
Quand t'as assez ans que moi,
His plastic teeth proclaim,
You'll see
you're going to go one way or another.
Je preferais n'être pas degoûtant pendant,
My broken accent retaliates.
Degoûtant ?
and my nose develops wrinkles.
He twirls the white paper in his yellow-brown-black fingers and his fingernails are cassés and his eyebrows like the caterpillars
and he repeats the soupire and his white eyelashes long.
and his epaules slump
mains sur la tête
ashtray bound.
I am desolated, he hisses
Life is just one damned thing after another.
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 0 0
"She looks a little sad," he said.
"At times not thoughtful but alone.
I have to stop myself from reaching out,
She looks a little far from home."
But she's young, she has time.
There are questions in her mind,
And many decisions to decide.
She's walking, she's waiting for life to come along,
She's singing, she's saving the music and the song
She's dancing, they're watching for her to get things wrong
But it's okay, it's okay, he says "You're only young."
"She'll grow up and she will learn."
He says, "There's more to life than meets the eye.
Maybe one day she'll put down her guitar,
But until then she'll learn to get by."
She's still young, she has time
There are answers she can find,
And too many decisions to decide.
Keep walking, keep waiting for life to come along
Keep singing, keep saving the music and the song
Keep dancing, they're watching for you to get things wrong
But it's okay, it's okay, you're only young
You're only young, you're only young.
It can't mean that much to you.
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 0 0
What did I do?
I never go wrong.
There are these lines
Clear as day
In the city of smog.
I walk those lines
Fingers outstretched
Like acid-etched feathers
Glass yet uncracked
They applaud with claps
At my balancing act
My vertebrae snap.
On top of the world
But so coreless, coreless
And tip-toe careless
I overbalanced, fell.
Strong hands like always
Directly in my shadow
Realigned my spine.
Did I know you were there?
Is that the reason
That I let myself go?
Bent and broken puzzle
Pieces can still fit.
I let myself tell myself lies, so will you sit down and listen?
:icondoubleyou:doubleyou 1 3


For Paula
We're in snow, our eternal
Summer town is frosted with nose-biting
Dust, turning the evergreens into
Ballroom dancers
Was writing your name on windshields, in
Ice and something a little deeper, and
Much, much warmer
We're beach folk, we don't wear
Gloves in the snow, our fingers are
Stinging from hearts and peace signs and
Names we etch into encrusted car windows
Like lyrics, like
Novellas, like... queen, I gathered myself at your shoulder to watch
Georgia winters melt into
California laughter, you'd scream on the playgrounds and I'd
Beg to be as bold, watch me
Fumble, like Tinkerbell in black, here's one
Neverneverland in a town named Holy Cross
That harbors sinners like
This is my first and only winter,
Santa Cruz in white, and
All I can wish for is your
Whimsical words to catch me up like a
Snowball fight on the nine
Darling, your aim is
Better than mine
:icongutterbreed:gutterbreed 1 18
Fallen Angel by Nymphetamine1 Fallen Angel :iconnymphetamine1:Nymphetamine1 187 24
Earthbound Child
Earthbound child,
You are numb.
They tell you that you’re perfect,
You know there's something wrong.
These people and their faces
Are the same from day to day.
So walk on down the empty streets
And kiss them all away.
Earthbound child,
Autumns coming.
Your reason for remembering,
Is yourself that once was lovely.
The leaves change like decisions
Breaking from these bindings.
Life’s a game of chances
And transcendence is the finding.
Earthbound child,
All fulfilled
You’ve got the loving spirit,
But there’s some things you can't spell.
Hand in hand with a flower stem,
The stormclouds puncture clean.
So once, twice, and thrice again,
The raining makes a scene
:iconpseudosuicide:PseudoSuicide 1 1
something different.
all along
on this track, path, road,
I have dropped little pieces of myself,
not unlike hansel and gretel.
Finding my way back to where i began
has become quite difficult
seeing as i can't remeber
what I'm supposed to be looking for.
all of these ideals
that you have for me
I want to tear them in your face
if you can write it on paper
i want to kill it.
i want to love it.
I want to be it.
god, these words are so slippery.
:iconeloquence-in-a-minor:eloquence-in-A-minor 1 0



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